Childcare Post-graduate Department

This course, intended for those who have acquired Type 2 Kindergarten Teacher's licenses, offers further specialized studies to train future leaders within child education.

The course is intended for those who have studied for 2 years at a childcare school (such as our Childcare Department's Childcare Course), or those working in the fields of childcare or children's education and wish to improve their professional skills. Students will acquire a Type 1 Kindergarten Teacher's license and a degree/Bachelor's degree (in pedagogy) as they become leaders in the childcare world who can contribute to the development of childcare and children's education.

This course is recommended for:
Type 1 Kindergarten Teacher's License
Degree/Bachelor's degree (pedagogy)
Future career paths:
Kindergartens/Nursery schools/Certified childcare facilities Child welfare facilities
Government employment Facilities for the disabled
Medical facilities Specialized fields in children's education
Further studies in graduate school, etc.

Department and Course