Food Department Confectionery Course

This course provides students with strong practical job skills through a hands-on training program for becoming a professional in Japanese and western confectioneries as well as bread baking.

The course trains them to become adaptable by providing them with diverse skills taught by experienced professionals. In their practice work, students make creations by themselves from start to finish so that they can understand the whole process. Students learn everything from the basics to applied skills in three fields: Japanese confectionery, western confectionery, and bread baking. By mastering their overall production processes, students can broaden their future opportunities.

This course is recommended for:
Those who love to make and eat sweets and bread.
Those who have an interested in developing diverse ways to enjoy food.
Those who love to make others happy.
Available qualifications:
Taking the Confectionery Hygienist National Exam Food Sanitation Manager
Service Industry Skills Examination Wrapping Coordinator
Basic Tea Ceremony (Chinshinryu Style)
Future career paths:
Western sweets shop Japanese sweets shop
Bakery / bread shop Hotels
Restaurants Cafés, etc.

Department and Course