Global Communication Department

In this course, students study both languages and career development to become human resources who can excel in global society.

The course features learning opportunities that comprehensively explore academic topics based on the study of language and multicultural understanding, along with training in career development and basic social skills that will benefit students out in the real world. These studies for excelling in global society aim to foster human resources equipped with the broad perspectives and specialized skills required for working in a variety of fields.

This course is recommended for:
Those who want to use their foreign language skills in the workplace.
Those who want to travel the world.
Those with an interest in working at airlines or hotels.
Those striving to find success on the international stage.
Those who want to enjoy foreign movies without needing subtitles.
Those who want to study abroad or transfer into a 4-year university.
Available qualifications:
Eiken English Examination Chinese Language Examination (HSK)
TOEIC Hotel Practical Skills Examination
Korean Language Examination (TOPIK) Service Industry Skills Examination
Business Document Examination Medical Clerk
Basic Tea Ceremony (Chinshinryu Style)
Future career paths:
Hotel staff Children's English teacher
Flight attendant Tour conductor
Bridal planner Government employment
General office employment etc.

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