Childcare Course Childcare Course

This course cultivates fundamentals and applied skills for becoming a nursery school or kindergarten teacher so that students can become empathetic childcare specialists equipped with practical abilities.

Students learn specialized knowledge and techniques surrounding the care, education, psychology, health, artistic expression, and welfare of infants. Real-world training interacting with children in childcare situations provides practical skills to students. Following graduation, students can continue their studies at the pursue a Type 1 Kindergarten Teacher's license through the university's major program in childcare.

This course is recommended for:
Those who value the children in their lives.
Those who are often complimented on their cheerful personality.
Those who have an idea of what kind of childcare worker they to become.
Those who want to learn more about the psychology and physical health of children.
Available qualifications:
Kindergartens Daycare centers
Certified childcare facilities Government employment
Child welfare facilities Facilities for the disabled
Continued study at the university’s major program in childcare, etc.
Future career paths:

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